Crowdfunding In Action In Cameroon: Lessons From Guanxi-Invest

Guanxi-Invest is THE FIRST cameroonian crowdfunding platform specialized in crowdequity. Since 2016 they are demystifying investment and have permitted several entrepreneurs in Cameroon to raise funding for their entrepreneurial ventures.

In fact, three (3) main projects have already achieved their funding process on that platform. Among others, we have « RESTAURANT LA NYAMA » for an amount of 7 millions FCFA; « DJANGUI BET » for 11 millions FCFA and « GUANXI INVEST » for 31 millions. Incredible… Isn’t it!!! YES IT IS POSSIBLE!

I am sure that you are wondering how Guanxi-Invest can raise funds for Guanxi-Invest… Do not panic! This is nothing other than an illustration of the french expression « L’exemple vient d’en haut ». It means that in the mind of their (co) founders, the best way to make Guanxi credible was to raise capital for Guanxi on the Guanxi crowdfunding platform. They had to lead, they had to show the way… THEY ARE DOING IT!

Actually, Guanxi-Invest has a community of 856 investors, 10 ongoing campaigns and more than 85 millions FCFA in crowdequity already raised. It is just the beginning. JOIN NOW AND CHANGE THE FUTURE OF AFRICA.

Crowdfunding is going to become a major source for financing that (cameroonian) entrepreneurs should look at. Guanxi is there for you. Especially for those with no collateral but with fast growing potential projects.

It is also a mean for people with excess of capital to invest in projects so as to support local initiatives. As from 10,000 FCFA you can start your investments with Guanxi. It is incredible right?! As From 10, 000 FCFA ONLY!!! Yes, we can help young people to change lifes and have a significant impact in our communities.

This article is not a sponsored one. But we just want to create awareness with this article. Why? Because we believe in this solution (Africa crowdfunding in general and Cameroonian crowdfunding in particular). The proof with this picture took in 2017 with Guanxi Co-founders…

Guanxi Coopération

We are proud to be a strategic partner for Guanxi in terms of financial education for the public in Africa. We share the same dream: Make It Easy For Everybody In Finance In Africa.

They are democratising investment, we are demystifying finance!

This is surely the legacy we will leave on this earth, in Africa, and it is what we want people to keep.


Author: Ulrich D'POLA KAMDEM, Co-Founder of POLA CAPITAL


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